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Service Providers


Vermont 211 makes it easy for people to connect to a wide variety of community, health and human services and resources.

When you become an organization listed in the Vermont 211 Community Resource Directory, 211 Community Resource Specialists and individuals searching the online Directory can connect to your services and programs.

Non-profit service agencies, governmental agencies, community-based, and faith-based organizations are invited to join Vermont 211 by listing your resources in our directory.

If you think your agency is a candidate for inclusion, click here to fill out our forms about your agency, site(s), and program(s). If you have any questions, please contact our Resource Manager (

If your program or agency meets the Vermont 211 Database Inclusion/Exclusion criteria (read it here), then a standardized profile, edited in accordance with our style guidelines, will be created based on the information you provide.


To update your agency information, click here to login.

If you need your login information, contact Vermont 211 at