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Vermont Department of Health - Substance Use Services

From alcohol and drug use to syringe programs to impaired driver rehabilitation, the VT Department of Health offers many educational services, with links to several more.

Continuing Our Series About the Vermont Department of Health

From WIC to Safe Sleep, the VT Department of Health has a number of programs for children and families.

VT Department of Health -History and Resources

Vermont 211 explores VDH's history and some of their resources devoted to environmental health: lead, asbestos, mold, bed bugs, ticks, extreme temperatures, and more.

Recent Vermont 211 Referrals

What were the top five categories of referrals to community, health, and human services in January 2023? How do those numbers compare with 2022?

Addressing Poverty in Vermont

Connecting with a wide range of services, from fuel assistance, to food pantries, to weatherization, to financial management and tax preparation.