Barometer of Community Needs

Top Ten Referred Services for 2020:

  1.  Housing/Shelter

  2.  Public Safety*

  3.  Public Assistance Programs**

  4. Tax Organizations and Services

  5.  Food

  6.  Community Groups and Government/Administrative Offices***

  7. Health Screening and Diagnostic Services^

  8.  Outpatient Health Facilities^^

  9.  Utility Assistance

  10.  Public Health^^^

*The majority was for Public Health Advisories for COVID-19; **The majority was for General Relief, through the Vermont Department for Children and Families/Economic Services Division; ***Mostly Area Agencies on Aging, public officials' offices, and Community Action agencies; ^COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests; ^^Due to COVID-19; ^^^Includes Influenza Control, Home Sanitation, and COVID-19 Control.


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