How the 211 Database is Maintained

Vermont 211 is committed to maintaining accurate and up-to-date information about community resources in Vermont. The database is formally updated for all listings on an annual basis. Interim changes and updates are done as we learn about them. Local newspapers, community meetings and subscriptions to agency newsletters are also a general source for agency updates. Established partnerships with a range of community providers also keep us informed.

Every effort is made to verify the information contained in our database, yet information does change on a regular basis. Here at Vermont 211 we welcome any feedback regarding outdated information.

What is a 211 Community Resource Specialist-Database Curator?

Vermont 211 CRS-Database Curators work to ensure that the Vermont 211 Database has accurate and up to date information about health and human services across the entire state. The CRS-DCs proactively gather information about new health and human service programs for inclusion in the Vermont 211 Database. They promote the 211 service and actively participate in regional meetings and collaborative groups, and they maintain relationships with local agencies and local communities.


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